Is firewood safe and does it harm the environment?
A study of the greenhouse gas emissions of firewood was carried out by the CSIRO in 2003 for the Australian Greenhouse Office. The report from this study Life Cycle Assessment of Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Domestic Woodheating shows that firewood can release less carbon dioxide than all other sources of heat energy. In 2011 this study was updated to include the non-CO2 greenhouse gases, methane and carbon monoxide. This updated study found that the inclusion of these gases made little difference to the original findings.
Is our firewood ready to burn?
All of our redgum firewood is split, dry and seasoned which means you get the best fire and value from your firewood.

Handy Tips

  • Stack your firewood in a dry place so it is ventilated
  • Never burn painted or treated timber
  • Get a log splitter so you can create smaller pieces and stack those at the front of your woodpile.  This makes establishing a fire much easier and quicker.